Rivers And Lakes

The Cloonee Lakes

Area: Lakes, Boat Fishing
Fishing: brown trout
Levels: Fly-casting experience recommended, but not essential.

Drive west for 15 minutes along the Beara Peninsula, and you will arrive at the Lake House. There, your Ghillie will take a boat, and row you out onto the Cloonee Lakes.
The trout in these lakes will bring your learning curve up, as the take is so fast that you can’t afford to be sleeping on the job!
Wet flies are the bait for these lakes, and a quick strike is essential.
Maximum of two persons per boat and Ghillie.

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Area: Mountain Lake, Shore Fishing
Fishing: Brown Trout and stocked Rainbow Trout
Level: All levels of experience, also suitable for beginners

Just 15 minutes away from Kenmare on the Molls Gap~Sneem road, lies Barfinnihy Mountain & lake. Fully stocked with Rainbow trout; voracious feeders who weigh in at an average of 11/2 lb., with a few “trophy” fish thrown in for good measure, weighing up to 5lb!
bright flies, flashy mepps, and worms are very successful for bait.
A wonderfully, scenic place to be introduced to fishing.

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The Laune River

Area: Inland River,
Bank fishing on the Laune River in Beaufort, Killarney
Fishing: Wild Brown Trout and Salmon.
Level: All levels

An early start and an hour’s scenic drive through the renowned Gap of Dunloe, bring you to the beautiful Laune River in Beaufort, a classic “fishing river”. The excursion allows for a 2 to 3 hours of fishing, and we can arrange picnic lunches or reservations for lunch or dinner if required.
In order to drive through the Gap of Dunloe, we must depart the Sheen Falls before 7.45 am, this enables us to catch the morning rise on the river. An evening excursion is also possible to catch the evening rise,
returning home via the Gap, and Kate Kearney’s Cottage if so desired.

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  1. see you in summer

  2. will be in Ireland again in June this year (Tuosist) and hope to find some time for catching a salmon.Possible? Regards. FS.

    • Sure thing just let me know when and book early

  3. would like to try fishing for trout/salmon. never been to ireland. What is the best time to go fishing april may or june is the only time i could take a vacation there. What are the daily limits?

  4. Are you still in business. Trying to contact fishing tour operators in south kerry.
    Let me know what your status is



    • Hi James,
      Yes Brendan is till doing the Fishing Guiding.
      His contact number are as follows:

      Land line: 00 353 +6442703
      Mobile Phone: 00 353 +876979395

      Kind regards,


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