About Me

It all started like so many other fishermen, with a hand line and a few crabs.

Things were simple back then, and that’s the way I’ve kept it ever since. As a child I was always dragging behind after my older brothers, rod in hand, dreaming of catching the biggest fish. Things haven’t changed much since then really. I’m still dreaming of the “Big One”, with every cast, spending my spare time fishing the rivers and mountain lakes of Kerry. Living in Kerry for twenty years has only compounded my love for the place. I’ve always worked in the tourist sector and have good knowledge of what people want and expect from a service .My aim is to give the guest a unique and individual experience, with a bit of adventure thrown in for good measure. I specialize in tailor made trips to find the fish of your dreams. Whether it be night fishing for sea trout, timing it right for running salmon on a spate river or stalking brownies at the evening rise I’ll take you there. Ill look forward to meeting you..

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