Posted by: brendangrant | August 31, 2008

Off the beaten track!

I recently took a hike up to one of our many mountain lakes,this being called “Mugs” lake. I’d heard all the stories and looked at photographic and physical evidence that there was big Brownies to be caught.It took about an hour and that was luggin up a float tube with us too! Heiko and myself fished the whole day and the only thing i caught was a 1/2 pounder,but when i said big Brownies I meant 2lb plus.I did have a large boil early in the day but after thatnothing.Heiko had a fish on but it broke the line and took the hook.So they were definitly in there.The lake is considerably small and from time to time a fish rose in the same place all day,I’d covered it a good few times with different flies but no good.Heiko and myself decided to pack up and come back another day convinced there was big fish in there.I decided togive the rising fish one last cast before heading down and BANG he took it and like a train he ran,and after a good strong fight I landed a lovely coloured Brown Trout about 2lb plus just what I was lookin for.After puttin up a good fight I decided to release him and go back for him when he’s 4lb plus.



  1. Ah them were the days, catch and release, recession dictates that these tasty fish are going to be fried in butter, as they should be! Knowing the abundant kerry trout population as i do there will be a bigger one for the pot in its place the week after. Trout is a luxury food now but will become a staple diet for some in the near future. Happy fishin g(eating) 2009.

  2. can you tell me how to get to this lake by email. i love wondering around the hills ofkilarney but have never come accross any decent trout.

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