Posted by: Dave Grant | January 29, 2008

Fishing Report Friday 1st February 2008

Mike and Peters enthusiasm for something they had never done before was infectious, and they both had the rare experience of starting at the very start and taking part in the buying and setting up of a rod and reel. Most people who go fishing for the first time are given the rod and reel set-up already. We went to the shop and bought the rod ,9ft, single handed, weight 7. Then the reel, large arbour weight 7/8 then the line intermediate polyclear, weight 8with a slow sink leader, don’t forget my braided loop and tippet breaking strain 8lb and last but not least a bunch of flies. The two lads were bursting with questions and the journey to the lake where I was going to start them off seemed to go by in the blink of an eye.

Kerry mountains in the winter

Kerry mountains in the winter

The weather forecast said it would be cold and blustery with sunny spells, I was optimistic, I texted mike and told him to prepare for very cold weather. Nothing could of prepared us for the weather that we experienced upon arrival to our destination. The wind was literally picking up the lake and throwing across to the other side and the talents of the lads were showing then, being sailors and proficient in reading the wind and water they both reckoned it to be a force TEN, well not only that it was freezing too.

This did not in any way deter the two lads at all and in the cocoon of the jeeps boot as the wind howled and squalled around us we set up the rods from scratch. Now at some point we all had to stand in the wind to thread the eyelets of the rod, by the time you got to the fifth eyelet you couldn’t feel your fingers and threading became very difficult. We all found this hilarious and when we had set up we all piled into the jeep and got the hell out of there to some where much more sheltered.

Cold but happy

Cold but happy

So with a wee dram to start us off we started fishing and mike and peter both went very quiet as the concentration took over and the control of the line became the focus wish they both picked up remarkably fast.Time slipped by without us noticing and an eagle swooped by to say hello.We moved down the system and at one point it started to snow and that was the first time I,d ever fished as it snowed.


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