Posted by: Dave Grant | January 29, 2008

Fishing report 25th January 2008

Heiko and myself have been talking about going fishing together for well over four months and to no avail. First we were going up to a hidden mountain lake where the brown trout grow up to trophy size, we would start early have a barbecue for lunch and be down for tea I think even bringing our wives was mentioned (very adventurous!). That needless to say didn’t happen for some reason. Then the season snuck up on us and closed, so that ended our chances for the wily mountain trophies for last year.

Massive brown trout!

Massive brown trout!

Then we planned to have a go at fly fishing for pike during the winter months, again boats and barbecues were mentioned, no wives this time, I got the number of the boat man, we talked about it some more, but again we were not able to pin down the elusive day, and time moved on.
So finally we picked a day in January, the Salmon season had just begun and Heiko and myself had talked so much about going fishing over the winter that there was a certain amount of anticipation building as we approached the date. The day arrived after another false start due to atrocious weather conditions the week before; The River Laune was full to the brim and more. It was a fine dry bright day and I knew by the look of the water that fly fishing this river wouldn’t be easy, but after all the talk and anticipation I was determined to fish it as best I could. So I went deep with my flies and tried to cover the fish I had seen surfacing, but the river being so high I don’t think I even got close. Heiko on the other hand armed with fly rod and choice of spinning rods was well equipped to get down into the fish and with a 20 gram black flying “c” hooked and landed his first ever Salmon, well after all the talk at least he had something to show for it.
I thoroughly enjoyed the day and really felt like I’d been away from the river too long and it is great to be back. I’m looking forward now till the next time with Heiko, I hope it’s not as long. The Sheen River is open this year after being closed for the year I’m sure I’ll spot him on it somewhere.



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