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Nice rainbow on a sedge a foot from the bank

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On TV3 Ireland today

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I made it on to The Times again..

Marie O’Riordan: fly fishing’s most unlikely recruit

The former glossy magazine editor is surprised to catch the angling bug

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Fishing Report 2009

Just passin'

Just passin'

Part of my job is to maintain the beats along the river, while doing so I met a freind of mine trying his best to hook one of the many grilse that were sitting in front of him. He’d decided to take a break when I arrived and I downed tools to see how he was getting on. We started discussing his latest peice of kit, a new rod and in the course of the conversation he offered the rod to me and said try it out for yourself and tell me what you think. So I did, first cast and a grilse rose to the fly and to my surprise took it with a bang, well as you can see I landed the fish , gave my freind back his rod and said yeah thats a good rod and pick up my tools and went about my buisness, p1000471only to leave the guy gobsmacked.

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Robert with his dream catch Kenmare County Kerry – Salmon 2009

Robert with his dream catch

Robert with his dream catch

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Off the beaten track!

I recently took a hike up to one of our many mountain lakes,this being called “Mugs” lake. I’d heard all the stories and looked at photographic and physical evidence that there was big Brownies to be caught.It took about an hour and that was luggin up a float tube with us too! Heiko and myself fished the whole day and the only thing i caught was a 1/2 pounder,but when i said big Brownies I meant 2lb plus.I did have a large boil early in the day but after thatnothing.Heiko had a fish on but it broke the line and took the hook.So they were definitly in there.The lake is considerably small and from time to time a fish rose in the same place all day,I’d covered it a good few times with different flies but no good.Heiko and myself decided to pack up and come back another day convinced there was big fish in there.I decided togive the rising fish one last cast before heading down and BANG he took it and like a train he ran,and after a good strong fight I landed a lovely coloured Brown Trout about 2lb plus just what I was lookin for.After puttin up a good fight I decided to release him and go back for him when he’s 4lb plus.

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Salmon from the Sheen River Kenmare 2008

A nice one from the Sheen pool

A nice one from the Sheen pool

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The first and last cast

I’m always bangin on about the first cast being the most important, which it is. The brown trout or Salmon hasn’t seen anything that day hopefully,and you come along with an atractive lure or fly and they react. Bang your into a fish.

If the fish has time to see it or is suspicious the first time chances are he won’t go for it on the second or third time,only thing you can do is move on to a fresh new cast or change the fly.

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Fishing Report Friday 1st February 2008

Mike and Peters enthusiasm for something they had never done before was infectious, and they both had the rare experience of starting at the very start and taking part in the buying and setting up of a rod and reel. Most people who go fishing for the first time are given the rod and reel set-up already. We went to the shop and bought the rod ,9ft, single handed, weight 7. Then the reel, large arbour weight 7/8 then the line intermediate polyclear, weight 8with a slow sink leader, don’t forget my braided loop and tippet breaking strain 8lb and last but not least a bunch of flies. The two lads were bursting with questions and the journey to the lake where I was going to start them off seemed to go by in the blink of an eye.

Kerry mountains in the winter

Kerry mountains in the winter

The weather forecast said it would be cold and blustery with sunny spells, I was optimistic, I texted mike and told him to prepare for very cold weather. Nothing could of prepared us for the weather that we experienced upon arrival to our destination. The wind was literally picking up the lake and throwing across to the other side and the talents of the lads were showing then, being sailors and proficient in reading the wind and water they both reckoned it to be a force TEN, well not only that it was freezing too.

This did not in any way deter the two lads at all and in the cocoon of the jeeps boot as the wind howled and squalled around us we set up the rods from scratch. Now at some point we all had to stand in the wind to thread the eyelets of the rod, by the time you got to the fifth eyelet you couldn’t feel your fingers and threading became very difficult. We all found this hilarious and when we had set up we all piled into the jeep and got the hell out of there to some where much more sheltered.

Cold but happy

Cold but happy

So with a wee dram to start us off we started fishing and mike and peter both went very quiet as the concentration took over and the control of the line became the focus wish they both picked up remarkably fast.Time slipped by without us noticing and an eagle swooped by to say hello.We moved down the system and at one point it started to snow and that was the first time I,d ever fished as it snowed.

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Fishing report 25th January 2008

Heiko and myself have been talking about going fishing together for well over four months and to no avail. First we were going up to a hidden mountain lake where the brown trout grow up to trophy size, we would start early have a barbecue for lunch and be down for tea I think even bringing our wives was mentioned (very adventurous!). That needless to say didn’t happen for some reason. Then the season snuck up on us and closed, so that ended our chances for the wily mountain trophies for last year.

Massive brown trout!

Massive brown trout!

Then we planned to have a go at fly fishing for pike during the winter months, again boats and barbecues were mentioned, no wives this time, I got the number of the boat man, we talked about it some more, but again we were not able to pin down the elusive day, and time moved on.
So finally we picked a day in January, the Salmon season had just begun and Heiko and myself had talked so much about going fishing over the winter that there was a certain amount of anticipation building as we approached the date. The day arrived after another false start due to atrocious weather conditions the week before; The River Laune was full to the brim and more. It was a fine dry bright day and I knew by the look of the water that fly fishing this river wouldn’t be easy, but after all the talk and anticipation I was determined to fish it as best I could. So I went deep with my flies and tried to cover the fish I had seen surfacing, but the river being so high I don’t think I even got close. Heiko on the other hand armed with fly rod and choice of spinning rods was well equipped to get down into the fish and with a 20 gram black flying “c” hooked and landed his first ever Salmon, well after all the talk at least he had something to show for it.
I thoroughly enjoyed the day and really felt like I’d been away from the river too long and it is great to be back. I’m looking forward now till the next time with Heiko, I hope it’s not as long. The Sheen River is open this year after being closed for the year I’m sure I’ll spot him on it somewhere.



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